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Multiply like locusts
When the righteous execute justice, the wicked will
perish. But when the wicked execute justice, the righteous perish.
Death itself will be conquered when the righteous impose justice on the wicked.

He never gets tired...

I'm trying to play that thang...


space junk removal system

Nicola is patient with me...

Getting better all the time

Greater Israel...

...........................The superconstellation tandem bicycle...

Playing my homemade fretless Hillbilly Bass.

The fastest safest train in the world.

A bladeless turbine.

Acoustically speaking...

Cross section of track

Behind them is fire and destruction

Is this the right key?

Support assembly

Two messiahs Joshua, and Zerubabbel

Just can't win them all...

Thermal expansion compensation system

Oh lonesome me...

With a friend.

Curving high speed train tracks

Vincent's cafe

Vincent's boat

Blackout, it's at Grossmans.


Kid Bastien and the Happy Pals.

not for flying, but to control and slow down free fall.


Vincent's cafe.